About HMB Management


HMB Management Inc. founded in 1998 is a management, investment and development company specializing in the management of limited service hotels, commercial real estate investments, and hotel developments in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York Metro Area. Founded by CEO Atul Patel, the company has seen tremendous growth since its beginning and has developed and currently manages multiple properties throughout the area.

Atul Patel, CEO

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it was natural for Atul to go in business for himself. After he graduated from a university in India, majoring in pharmaceutical science, he started his professional career with a degree and a dream. The first stop was in Nairobi, Kenya. His stint in Africa at a pharmaceutical company taught him his initial lessons of management. He migrated to USA in 1980 armed with knowledge as well as experience of successfully working in the corporate world.

After trying his hand in manufacturing for few years, Atul realized that his heart was in hospitality business. So in 1988 starting with a two motels in North Carolina, he learned the hospitality business. Moving onwards from there, he began to develop hotels the first being a Comfort Inn. Growing restless in North Carolina, he moved to Pennsylvania in 1996 and continued to develop new properties. As his portfolio grew, Atul recognized the need for a management company. So, in 1998 HMB Management Inc. came into existence. As a result of his sheer hard work, today HMB Management Inc. owns and operates commercial real estate worth over $250 million and the company is still in strong growth mode with many new projects in development.

Atul received the Hilton Deal of the Year Award for the Homewood Suites in Edgewater/NYC Metro Area in 2006 and the AAHOA Award of Excellence in 2007.

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